From the Desk of the MD/CEO

 At Henry & Henry limited, we are poised towards understanding the key issues that would shape the future of our company and the Nigeria economic environment as a whole. We are also well aware of the impact of e-business , globalization and the attendant multi-sectorial expansion in the nation’s economic base.

At our head office level, we are re-engineering our various business units to offer one-stop services to existing and prospective clients in a seamless and most beneficial manner and we are reshaping our strategies and re-tooling our offices through computerization and the engagement of efficient and professional hands.

This is necessary for the creation of economics of scales, which can endow us with a unique and sustainable competitive edge in the market place.

We shall stop at nothing in harnessing our greatest assets, i.e. our customers / clients and we remain ever grateful for their loyalty and strong support and patronage.



Mr Henry C. Ezike

~ Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer